On the 15th of February 2016, the National Multi-stakeholder Forum of the SUN First 1000 Most Critical Days programme held their first meeting of the year. 
Led by the National Food and Nutrition Commission and chaired by the Permanent Secretary of Health, the multi-stakeholder forum meets biannually to provide an opportunity for heads of institutions implementing food and nutrition specific and sensitive programs to share and discuss performance of food and nutrition interventions.
This year, the Commission presented its interest to explore the potential of the forestry sector to contribute to improved nutritional status of the Zambian population. 
More evidence needs to be gathered as to the quantity and quality of nutrient dense foods from forests as well as the opportunities and constraints to scale up this potential. This process is under way as talks between the two sectors have begun.
This gathering also saw tremendous progress made by civil society organisations and the SUN Business Network to increase their partnerships, through nutrition advocacy. 
The Civil Society Organisation scaling up nutrition (CSO-SUN) reported to have stirred up the interest of other CSOs who have since become members and have committed to work to improve nutrition in Zambia. The SUN Business Network have likewise increased membership from 38 businesses early 2015 to 55 businesses in 2016, of which 35 are local, and of these 30 are food processing businesses.  This network aims to raise nutrition awareness and grow the market of nutrient-dense foods in Zambia.
Furthermore, the UN network and cooperating Partners Network shared their interest to support the development of the 7th National Development Plan as well as support government to speed up the implementation of nutrition activities.



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