The permanent secretary of the Ministry of Health, as he chaired the national multistakeholder forum, urged the nutrition fraternity to make smarter goals in order to meet the targets. 
He made reference to the demand to increase funding towards nutrition, stating that this needs to be specific with consideration of government’s budgetary constraints. He also highlighted that the PS committee is willing to support the demands of the nutrition sector but what exactly needs funding and from what amount to what amount? “Not all plans may be realised but it will be important to point out the priority areas” He said. 
CSO-SUN was tasked to meet with the PS to discuss the nutrition budgeting framework to explain further.
He also emphasised that local research plays a very cardinal role in identifying and addressing the countries progress and challenges; and as such, the role of local research should not be undermined. 

A method of coordinating the gathering of nutrition evidence from local researchers needs to be designed. Moreover, part of the mandate of the academia network should be to develop research proposals which can be used to source for funding and other forms of support to conduct local research. 
The academia network informed him that there is a proposal being developed for a micronutrient survey. He offered to help with drafting that proposal as well as other proposal ideas that the network deems necessary for local nutrition research. 


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