The Nutrition Cooperate Walk recently held in Mbala District of Northern province highlighted a number of issues which are of utmost importance to the improving of nutrition in the district.

In a speech delivered on behalf of the Traditional Leaders, Senior Chief Mwamba mentioned some of the key roles Traditional Leaders play in Nutrition activities.

Some of the roles include how Traditional Leaders reduce traditional beliefs that affect nutrition.

He mentioned that Traditional leaders engage community members to grow and consume locally available diverse foods.

Chief Mwamba added that Traditional leaders also sensitize community members on traditional beliefs which affect nutrition and encourage them to produce and consume nutrient dense foods

He also said that the Traditional Leaders promote hygiene and good sanitation as well as the use of clinic services among other things.

The Traditional Leaders further lobbied the Government to increase budgetary allocation to the nutrition sector.

They added that the Government should review and harmonize policies and legislation that promote nutrition in Zambia.

The District Nutrition Coordinator the SUN program, Kristabel Nankamba, mentioned that the fight against stunting in Mbala district has gained momentum due to increased commitment from all the Traditional Leaders and scaling up nutrition implementing partners.

The theme for the event was Traditional Leaders Working Together in Reducing Malnutrition.


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