The National Food and Nutrition Commission (NFNC) has kick-started preparations for this year’s national nutrition forum.
The nutrition forum will see experts, scientists, academicians, nutritionists, policy makers and other stakeholders gather to exchange information on the strides made in reducing under nutrition in the country. 
Top of the agenda for the upcoming forum will be exploring ways of leveraging multi-stakeholder response to food and nutrition actions in the nation.
The high-level forum will also harness multi-disciplinary approaches towards the fight against malnutrition across all sectors including health, agriculture, education, academia, economics, and civil society organisations.  
Among the specific objectives of the gathering will be:
    to share the current food and nutrition research, new innovations, best practices for Zambia; 
    to share experiences of implementing nutrition actions in Zambia;
    to create awareness among participants of their role in the fight against malnutrition;
    to propose recommendations on how to address challenges faced in implementing nutrition actions using current evidence.
To guarantee successful hosting of the event, NFNC, has set up four committees to spearhead the preparations. The committees comprise various stakeholders: Resource mobilisation; scientific and technical; communication and publicity; and logistics committees.   



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