Sixty (60) year old retiree Mr. Chanda Chewe,decided to settle in his native town Chinsali District, Northern Zambia as a small scale farmer. He invested part of his terminal benefits into farming.
Mr. Chanda is one of the local villagers who has benefited from the First 1000 Most Critical Days Program (MCDP) under the SUN Fund, through a scheme called ‘Goat Pass on Scheme’, that is also partially supported by Heifer International in Chinsali District.
According to Mr. Malambo Mwami, a livestock officer in Chinsali mentioned that they had trained local farmers in goat and chicken rearing in 8 camps, they targeted 800 households in order to expand their flock, for both for consumption and selling. They were closely working with Heifer International, and did activities such as capacity building, construction of dip tanks. They targeted mostly pregnant and lactating women, through the Goat Pass on scheme. They had also set up sustainability mechanism of this program.
Aside from rearing goats, Mr. Chewe keeps free range chickens, of which his family consumes. He also gives his grandchildren some of the chicken eggs and chicken meat as part of their diet.
He narrated how this program has improved his livelihood and nutrition status of his family, as he sales some of his flock at the local market.


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