The First 1000 Most Critical Days Programme in Samfya District of Luapula Province continues to score success in reducing child stunting levels by way of various interventions being implemented in the district by the National Food and Nutrition Commission (NFNC).

One of those priority intervention areas under the programme is the training of beneficiaries in fish farming techniques and technologies and is being spearheaded by the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Veterinary Services.

Beneficiaries under this priority intervention area in Chishi an island in Samfya recently harvested fish and had nothing but praises for the First 1000 Most Critical Days Programme.

Justin Mwange one of the beneficiaries from the fishponds said he thanked the government for the programme in Chishi.

“This programme has helped a lot of us, before we made to make these fishponds we were taught about how to reduce stunting and women in our communities have received this message quite well as we are seeing a change,” he said.

And Chishi Ward Nutrition Coordinating Committee (WNCC) Chairperson Rosemary Sawe said that community in Chishi Island have learned a lot from the project and have experienced a good harvest.

“From what we have we seen the bleeding of fish will continue because of the good harvest we have and the women will use this knowledge to reduce stunting and malnutrition on the island,” she said.

Meanwhile District Fisheries Officer Amon Foloweza said the group was given 4,000 fingerlings and 8 by 50 KG bags of fish feed under the programme.

“We stoked these fishponds in February this year and they were due for harvest in September, it is one way of improving nutrition status and also reducing child stunting.”

Mr. Foloweza explained that there is need to keep the programme sustainable and they will be need to restock the fish.



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