Fish-Sorghum Porridge

Ingredients • ¼ cup dried small fish powder •

1 cup sorghum meal • ¼ cup pounded groundnut • ½ cup sweet potato flour • Sugar to taste Preparation 1. In a bowl, mix the sorghum meal, pounded groundnut, sweet potato flour and dried fish powder.

2. Mix 2 cups of water with the porridge mix and make a smooth paste.

3. Boil 6 cups of water in a pot.

4. Add the paste to the boiling water and mix until smooth.

5. Cook for 15 minutes and add sugar to taste.

6. Serve in a clean bowl.

Cost: ZMW 6.50

Recommended usage • For children aged 6–23 months, the porridge can be prepared as a meal. • For pregnant and lactating women, as well as other members of the household, it can be consumed for breakfast or as a snack between meals

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