3 heaped tablespoons millet flour

1 cup water

Cow’s milk or breast milk (if making for a baby)

Salt and sugar to taste



  1. Pour water into a small pot and stir in millet flour 
  2. Cover  and bring to boil
  3. When the millet starts to boil reduce the heat so that the porridge cooks slowly for about 10 minutes stirring frequently
  4. Remove from heat and cool stirring a few more times
  5. Add milk and stir to achieve a smooth consistency

Nutrition Information

  • Breakfast is the important meal of the day because
  • Millet porridge enriched with milk is a delicious breakfast meal for the whole family. It is high in energy and has a lot more fibre than maize meal porridge.
  • High fibre foods help prevent constipation, slow the breakdown of food in your intestines and will keep you fuller for longer.
  • This recipe is also good for children between 6- 24 months


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