Most toddlers are very picky when it comes to food, others prefer to eat only white foods or bright coloured foods, while others won't go near meat or make a bad face at the sight of vegetables like okra, lumanda or ifisashi. Although pickiness is normal and tends to lessen with age, you probably still feel you should do something if your child is living on corn flakes and sweets.

Be patient with your child. Allow your child to explore his/her food options by trying something new every day.  If your child does not like boiled eggs try scrambled eggs, if your child does not like the appearance and smell of fish try making fish cakes instead. You can also involve them in food preparation to get them excited about the meal you are preparing. Allow them to clean vegetables for you and tell them how vegetables will help them grow like, for example, their favourite cartoon character. When the meal is ready eat together as a family, the child may be encouraged to eat when he/she sees you eating the same food.

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