21 July 2017

Women’s empowerment is one of the nutrition sensitive intervention for addressing child undernutrition.  Literature mainly from Asian countries indicates the existence of an association between...

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12 April 2017

 Undernutrition among children less than 5 years old is one of the health problems affecting most developing countries (Black et al. 2013b).  A number of factors have been associated with the...

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08 July 2015

The poor nutritional situation in Zambia reinforced the urgent need of appropriate and efficient interventions to mitigate malnutrition in the country. However, to effectively formulate and...

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08 July 2015

The objective of the survey was to determine iodine status in pregnant women in Zambia and their access to, utilization and coverage of adequately iodized salt by .(1) measuring urinary iodine...

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08 July 2015

In Zambia, malnutrition has continued to be a serious public health problem mainly affecting under-five children and women of reproductive age. The latest figures on Protein Energy Malnutrition (...

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08 July 2015

Poor nutrition is universally recognized as an underlying cause of mortality in children and as a major contributor to a number of health problems in all segments of the...

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