Areas Requiring Research

The NFNC values research in nutrition and nutrition related activities. Below are some important topics, subjects and questions which require research:


  1. Evaluation of NFNC 2011-2015 strategy on nutrition (progress, implementation, update in current landscape)
  2. Review of policy guidelines of inpatient treatment of disease and disorders of nutrition (Who governs policy and guidelines?)
  3. Perception of the role of nutritionists in health care (How are they perceived? What is expected? Training level? How many are needed in health facilities?)
  4. Surveillance of data to not only include under-nutrition indicators but also over-nutrition non-communicable related nutrition disorders.
  5. Database of past and on-going nutrition research (including nutrition sensitive projects)
  6. Evaluation of effectiveness and quality of nutrition training (need for tools to carry out this evaluation)
  7. Review of external government structures in countries that have succeeded in improving nutrition landscape so as to guide Zambia on way forward.
  8. Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
  9. Determinants of the severity of malnutrition in urban areas of Zambia
  10. Longitudinal studies of the factors contributing to malnutrition
  11. Effectiveness of the PD Hearth Model in Social Cash Transfer (SCT) programmes
  12. Loss of information as a health programme advances, for example, Vitamin A supplementation vis-à-vis Child Health Week routine
  13. Food Consumption Survey