Food nutrient composition and food diversity have important implications on the status of the populations consuming them. In Zambia the nutrition situation is deteriorating as represented by important child growth indicators such as cases of severe malnutrition, stunting and wasting. In order for nutritional intervention programmes to be done
objectively there is need to establish the nutrient intakes of the concerned population and this requires theuseof foodcompositiontables. The current Zambian food composition tables are not inclusive of many important common local foods and it was last updated in 1987. In addition, many other local foods and some new foods have come on the scene, but their food value is not known, hence do not appear in the tables as well. Therefore, main objective of this research project was to address the urgent need to review, evaluate and update the current Zambian food compositiontables andincludeothercommonlyconsumedfoodstuffs.


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