NFNC GIZ Donation

GiZ Zambia has transfered assorted office equipment and a 4×4 double cab vehicle to the office of the non-Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Coordinator’s office.

The items came from another project and are meant  for the  smooth running of the non-SUN funded programmes in the country.

Moritz Heldmann GiZ Zambia who is the  Food and Security Coordinator says he is happy with the collaboration existing between the National Food and Nutrition Commission (NFNC) and GiZ.

Heldmann is grateful that NFNC provided highly motivated technical staff in the implementation of the programs in Eastern province and, he was hopeful that the collaboration would continue with the Commission.

Mr Heldmann says the Germany government is pleased to supporting the non-sun coordinator’s office equipment, as they wanted to contribute towards strengthening the coordination of non-sun funded districts in the country.

Moritz disclosed that GiZ will extend their operations to Luapula province due to the high levels of malnutrition in the Province.

He further stated that the Germany government is also implementing some projects in the province supporting the refugees and water and sanitation programmes under an implementing partner KFW.

He also mentioned that a concept on aquaculture which they worked on  would be appraised in a few weeks and it is planned that this programme will include nutrition programming covering Luapula province.

He says the concept for expansion was already approved though details were not yet available.

And receiving the items the Acting Executive Director Musonda Mofu says NFNC appreciates the support that GiZ has been providing since the inception of the program in the Eastern province.

Mr Mofu  says NFNC has set up the non-sun funded districts coordinators office to strengthen coordination of nutrition programs in the non-sun funded districts at all levels.

Mr Mofu also mentioned that the non SUN funded  programme coordinator’s office is  critical at this time when the country has just  concluded the zero hunger strategy, which  he said will be  implemented throughout the country.

“the  focus of GiZ on food security is key in the implementation of the zero hunger strategy in the country” he says.

Mr Mofu also says the food balance sheet has been launched by Cabinet office and the document is now much broader as it includes many other foods hence the critical importance of programmes dealing with food security in the country.

The items were 2 Office Tables, 3 office chairs ,1 Laptop 1 HP Printer 3 office trays ,1 projector, 1 Air conditioner and a 4×4 double cab Amarok Vehicle.